Second Annual Alumni vs. Fort Lee High School Varsity Soccer Game Fort Lee High School Varsity All-Stars Defeat Alumni 3-2

“The Second Annual Alumni vs. Fort Lee High School Varsity Soccer Game “kicked off” the 2014 Fort Lee High School Soccer season. Demba Mane, Head Soccer Coach at Fort Lee High School, and Assistant Coach Cal Pagano hosted this event at 10 A.M. at the Lewis F. Cole Middle School field on Saturday, August 23, 2014. The result was a spectacular victory for the Fort Lee High School Varsity, prevailing over the Alumni, 3-2. The FLHS Varsity led 3-0, after Jared Brusco scored a dazzling early goal, followed by two dynamic goals by Paul Leale, who hit the exact same spot in the left corner like his name was printed on it. The first three quarters of this game were dominated by the Fort Lee High School Varsity. However, in the 4th quarter, the Alumni showed true heart, i.e. they were not about to give in without a battle. With only three minutes left in the game, FLHS Alumni soccer star Ron Locker led a startling comeback, scoring two quick goals and threatening to take the game into overtime. Time finally ran out on the Alumni, preserving the victory for the Fort Lee High School Varsity Stars.

Special Kudos to Rex Flores, Fort Lee High School Freshman Coach, who for the second year in a row, showed off his exceptional ball handling skills and hustle to prove to the players that he can do more than coach.

Parents and relatives of all the players and alumni were graced with a beautiful breakfast buffet to celebrate the event. Azza Abdelhamid, a long time “soccer mom” graciously delivered gourmet delights to the attending guests, including her “special home-made falafels” while Jennifer Mane, Coach Mane’s lovely wife, provided a delicious array of fruits; muffins; and coffee.

In order to inspire the 2014 Varsity players, Coach Mane is again emphasizing team building, but is adding “work ethic” and “dedication” to the equation. All the new FLHS soccer jerseys have “PASSION” imprinted on the back to remind our players that success will never come without hard work.

All the guests and the players had a great day at this event. The weather was spectacular, the game was exciting and the fans cheered vociferously. The players were all smiles at the end of the game, particularly the alumni, who get a huge “kick” out of this competition.

Coach Mane and Coach Pagano have high hopes for this season. Fort Lee plays a very tough schedule, but with a number of returning Varsity players, there is every reason to be optimistic. So, parents and high school students, please come down and cheer our team on to victory in what we hope will be a great 2014 Season.

For those parents and fans who would like to support our team, please visit the website: Clothing items, e.g. T-Shirts; Sweatshirts; and Sweat pants are available with the Fort Lee Bridgemen Logo.

                                                            GO BRIDGEMEN!

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