Winston and his friends were whispering their ideas privately while the “thought police” tuned in. The year was 1984, but in a split second, a fourth dimensional wormhole brought us to the year 2015. Big Brother was everywhere. There was no more secrecy, no more privacy. Wikileaks was a heroic enterprise, celebrated by all the ultra-liberals who screamed “transparency”, not understanding that they were giving up everything that they considered sacred. And George Orwell was looking down from on high, with a big smile on his face. His fantasy had become our reality.
David Daleiden is being heralded as a “hero”, as a savior to the Tea Party and all the anti-abortionists in America. But, in reality, David is a coward and, in my opinion, a criminal. He would be the first person to criticize the NSA for trampling on his rights of privacy, while he commits the overtly fraudulent act of infiltrating the Planned Parenthood operations in California in an attempt to “dig up dirt”. He secretly recorded private conversations with physicians and other individuals who were never informed that they were being monitored. Whatever their beliefs, whatever their words, whether serious or in jest, they had every reason to believe that their conversation was intimate and unrecorded. They had no clue that they were not being videotaped by a spy working for a group that would commit any act necessary to destroy Planned Parenthood’s credibility and to curtail its federal funding.

In posing as an official from a fake biological company, David Daleiden and his team met with physicians, without obtaining approval to use the contents of the meeting for anti-abortion propaganda. Daleiden, in an interview with Fox News Insider, calls his insidious covert operation over the past two years “a long term in-depth comprehensive, investigative journalism study”. But David Daleiden is not a legitimate journalist; he is a pro-life activist. A true journalist, in theory, would go into any project with an open mind, attempting to get the facts in the investigation. David Daleiden entered this project with a set agenda, to undermine the Planned Parenthood operations!

“David Daleiden, the leader of the Center for Medical Progress, has clear ties to at least two organizations that have protested Planned Parenthood and its clinics for years. Those include Operation Rescue, which has long been criticized by abortion rights groups for its extreme tactics, and Live Action, which has similarly used undercover sting videos to accuse Planned Parenthood clinics of everything from racism and manipulative counseling to sex-selective abortion and infanticide.

Daleiden’s new organization barely registered a blip on the public radar screen until this month — the Center for Medical Progress didn’t even put up its first Facebook post until May. But its undercover videos, alleging that Planned Parenthood is profiting from the sale of fetal tissue and organs, are giving new impetus to GOP attacks on the nonprofit organization’s funding, both in Congress and in states. Other anti-abortion groups in Washington, including Susan B. Anthony List and the National Right to Life Committee, have also censured Planned Parenthood again in the wake of the videos.”

In order to promote his agenda, David Daleiden defended his actions on the Sean Hannity show. Hannity, a radio host so far to the right that he is likely to fall off the cliff at any time, is famous for defending Rush Limbaugh in his famously despicable tirade where he called Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute”. Note: Sandra Fluke was a rights advocate who went before Congress to speak in support of mandating insurance coverage for contraception. So it is no surprise that Hannity would welcome Daleiden as an “honored guest”.
If you go to the website:, you will view the total subversion of everything that makes America great. The following is an extract from their website.


Life Dynamics uses truth to shut down abortion clinics and put abortionists out of business. You can be a part of this effort to stop the abortionists by joining our Spies for Life program.

The information that we need to shut down the death camps is all around you. Sometimes it’s a malpractice suit, hidden away in some dusty filing cabinet at your local courthouse. It could be a tiny article buried deep in the Metro section of you local newspaper. Or it could be something you’ve kept secret that’s been hidden away for the last ten years. We’ve even seen abortionists put in jail with information that they threw out in their own garbage.

Anyone can be a Spy for Life! Just roll up your sleeves and get to work. We need any dirt that you can dig up about any abortionist, abortion clinic, clinic employee or hospital that allows abortions. Send it to: Spies for Life, c/o Life Dynamics, 204 Cardinal Drive, Denton, TX 76209. This is an exciting, legal and cheap way for you to help stop the killing. And YOU MAY REMAIN ANONYMOUS! (If you prefer to send us information by e-mail, then

Sick minds have created this site, minds that pride themselves on brainwashing those that have strong religious/ anti-abortion upbringings into believing that deception should be encouraged to bring down those that disagree with this point of view.

Please do not be deceived!! This is not about Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life!! This is about “the end justifies the means”, or more specifically “if we cannot win the battle in the courts, we will play it out in a public forum with secretly taped videos of private conversations. We will distort the facts because our truth is the only truth”.

California Attorney General, Senate candidate, and Planned Parenthood cheerleader, Kamala Harris is opening an investigation into whether the undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress of Planned Parenthood staffers talking about the sale of baby parts violated any law.

Dave Heller, deputy director of the Media Law Resource Center, wrote the following in an email.: “California is an all party consent state – meaning a person can be liable for invasion of privacy if they record without the consent of all the parties to a confidential communication. So, to have a claim, the target of a hidden camera sting must have had a reasonable expectation that their conversation would be private and not, for example, be overheard or recorded in a public setting.” It is clear that the physicians that were interviewed were not aware of the recordings and clearly would have been far more deliberate with their choice of words and dissemination of information. Specifically, if any of them had known the true identities of the interviewers, they most probably would not have spoken to them in the first place.…/does-the-planned-parenthood-video-violate-state-rec.July 16, 2015


One way for the public to view this abomination of our legal system is to equate Daleiden’s actions to corporate espionage. In order to undermine your target, you expose a secret tryst of the CEO or an executive retreat where a few major players were caught with prostitutes in Columbia. Look what happened in the national election of 1988 when Gary Hart, a married man, was linked to a 29 year old model Donna Rice. His presidential aspirations ended almost as quickly as they had begun.
We are a nation that highly values privacy. The government has enacted numerous laws to protect the privacy of its citizens. Physicians, hospitals and insurance companies must follow Hipaa guidelines, laws that were written to protect the rights of citizens in regard to their health issues. Psychiatrists do not have to release records (under most circumstances) to authorities upon the arrest of one of their patients. Credit card companies, mortgage companies, etc. are mandated to protect the financial information on applications. Attorney-client privilege was established to protect the rights of the accused. Psychiatrists do not have to release records (under most circumstances) to authorities upon the arrest of one of their patients. These are protections guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


This blog is not to defend Planned Parenthood officials or physicians. Individuals at the organization may have performed procedures that violated legal protocols. Employees may have made off color jokes inappropriately about “buying a Ferrari with the proceeds from sales of fetal tissue”. None of these acts justify David Daleiden’s actions or even his existence.

This blog is specifically designed to lambaste low-life vermin like David Daleiden, who believe that they have to right to violate privacy; to deceive with false information; to secretly videotape individuals in a private setting in order to justify their cause. This is no different than the NSA tapping an individual’s phone without a warrant or legal justification. Hopefully, the vicious acts committed by David Daleiden and his cohorts will be deemed criminal by our justice system. Unfortunately, with a Republican majority in Congress, many of whom oppose abortion, it is unlikely that justice will prevail.

In the interim, all the Holier-than-Thou followers of David Daleiden will hopefully sit home and watch his videos for entertainment. If this keeps them from committing other despicable acts, I personally will consider that a public service.

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