Election 2019: How Bernie Sanders will WRECK this Election!

It is November 2019, one year away from the next Presidential election.  Trump is a shoo-in on the Republican ticket, so the only real issue is who will be the Democratic nominee or does it even matter!

This week, Michael Bloomberg, ex-Mayor of NYC, appears to have thrown his hat in the ring, closely followed by Deval Patrick, ex-Governor of Massachusetts.  (Am I the only one who has noticed that if one pronounces Deval a certain way, it sounds like “Devil”.  Just a thought!) Never in the history of American Presidential elections have two viable candidates waited until the eleventh hour to enter the race.   It is critical to understand that this is not mere coincidence!  There are strong reasons for this anomaly, reasons that will define the outcome of who will be the victor in the 2020 Presidential Election. 

From the original twenty-plus Democrats who began the vast money waste of “matching funds” to test the waters for a presidential run, many have departed thankfully, leaving three front runners, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, the two reigning Socialists, and Joe Biden, the foot-in-the-mouth specialist.  There remain a few staggering hangers-on, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, give-away-the-ship Andrew Yang, in-house comedienne Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker (Sharpe James’ replacement in lovely Scenic Newark, which was no better when he left), Julian Castro on the “we have never had a Hispanic president, making me uniquely qualified” ticket, and a few other names just not worth mentioning.  It is flabbergasting that Saturday Night Live has not recruited some of these individuals for future shows.  

Recognizing a three-ring circus of incompetency, Michael Bloomberg took the risk of running late in the game.  His basic weaknesses are obvious: too NYC, too Jewish, too short.  For those of us that neighbor NYC, his positives far outweigh his negatives.  He is bright, successful, self-determined and most importantly not dependent on lobbyists and special interest groups to fund his campaign.  He is a moderate, appealing to middle-America,who may carry all those American citizens who can no longer tolerate Trumpian tweeting and antics, even with the economy humming along.  He may carry Democrats who have no interest in the Warren/Sanders Socialist policies of encouraging more Americans to feed off the system by living off the public dole, of Medicare-for-all, a one way ticket to American bankruptcy, or free college tuition for all, which we universally agree would be optimal, just not fiscally possible without a huge escalation in taxes. 

To be perfectly honest, I did not know very much about Deval Patrick, until this week.  As he was primarily elected when Mitt Romney declined to run for governor of Massachusetts in order to pursue his own presidential ambitions, Patrick was not a well-known public figure.  Researching available biographical information on him shows him to be a formidable individual with a strong fiscal background as a current managing director at Bain Capital, with a history of strong support of improving standards for the Black community, and of supporting a peaceful settlement in the never-ending Israeli-Palestinian struggle.  He supports environmental policies and increases in minimal wage historically. The only problem with Patrick appears that he lacks the personal resources to not depend on contributions from the lobbyists and special interests groups to fund his campaign.

It appears that Bloomberg and Patrick are clearly a cut above the bad actors currently on the Democratic roster.  Either one would appear to be capable of providing America with far better future prospects than the riff-raff currently running on the “anyone but Trump” ticket. 

So what is the problem. Americans wise up, vote in the primaries and select Bloomberg, preferably, or Patrick, secondarily to oppose Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election and America wins! 

Oh, so naïve!  The wild card and my personal prediction for the outcome of the Election 2019 is based on one simple fact. This election is Bernie Sanders “Last Hurrah”.   It is now or never! Bernie actually believes he can win.  He drank the juice (not Jim Jones’, for those of you that remember that unfortunate event).  It is totally conceivable that Bernie Sanders, carrying his delusion forward, will run on a third-party ticket and hand the election over to Trump!! He would draw just enough votes from the Democratic candidate to contaminate the election.  If this were to occur, it would be a greater “American Tragedy” than Theodore Dreiser could ever have conceived in his writings.

One more year to watch this soap opera continue, to see if America’s “great unwashed” as described by Edmund Burke, can find the time and energy to go out and vote for the “best candidate”, not because that individual is a Democrat or a Republican, but because that candidate will reflect the true values of the Republic of the United States of America, not his or her personal self-interests.  For once we need someone who is truly “our representative”!  I wish I could be more hopeful, but in truth, my pessimism prevails.  

Finally.  Please Bernie, accept your FATE!  You are unfit to be President of the United States .Stalin’s five-year plan will not work it America, any more than it did in Russia.  Do not run as a third-party candidate. Please take your few million dollars (yes, he is quite wealthy), retire and put your flag away permanently.  

Let’s Make America Great Again!  This time without TRUMP!