Politics & COVID-19

What would make a President uniquely qualified to deal with the COVID-19 crisis? A PHD in epidemiology or virology?    A PHD in crisis management? The IQ of a Stephen Hawking or an Albert Einstein?  Tough question?

Would George Bush who put us into two wars be qualified?  How about Bill Clinton who fooled around with anything in a skirt? Would that qualify him? One of them might have had an STD, so at least Clinton might have been prepared!

How about Jimmy Carter? He might have tried to cure it with peanuts!

What about Biden?  Is he more prepared to deal with it based on the fact that he appears to exhibit signs of early stage dementia, making him an expert on disease!

The truth is that no President can ever be truly qualified to deal with this crisis. But what Lincoln exhibited in 1861 until his untimely assassination, displaying the qualities of a Born Leader, or what FDR did in WWII might be a possibility.  But both of them made many mistakes during their terms of office in dealing with crises.  To their credit, they both rose to the occasion with dignity and valor.

The only individual to date that has risen to the occasion in my opinion has been Andrew Cuomo, who right now should probably be running for President (except of course for the fact that NY politics may be the most corrupt in the country and the fact that his father was a terrible governor (the possibility of genetic deficiency must be on the table)!

So where do we find this Superstar President for which we are searching!  Perhaps Mr. Spock would have the brilliant acumen to examine this problem and come up with a solution.  Or perhaps, Ms. Spock’s Star Trek, the Next Generation, successor, Data, could use computer analysis to come up with the perfect solution!

Perhaps a President who was fortunate enough to have a Surgeon General equivalent of Dr. Edward Jenner or Dr. Jonas Salk would be uniquely equipped to manage this crisis. 

With all the so-called brilliant minds around the globe, NO ONE has come up the panacea for global epidemics!  There is no magic elixir for this problem, no more than there has been a cure to date for numerous diseases, e.g. MS; MD; Parkinsons Disease, Huntington’s disease, CANCER!   Note: Personally, my money is on Israel to be the first to come up with a vaccine.

Trump is an unmitigated disaster! But who really believes Biden would do better? Please!  Let’s get real. 

“Anyone but Trump”, the new Democratic mantra, is the answer to inferior minds.  An intelligent voter is going to recognize how limited our options are with the two- party system offering us a smorgasbord of untalented misfits who are no better!

For the record, no individual of any quality should aspire to run with an out-of-control media that investigates whether a candidate had a parking ticket twenty years ago, pelted a girl (or guy) in high school with a spitball, or even worse, had some unfortunate sexual interaction thirty years ago.   

Americans must wake up and realize that the system is broken and that COVID-19 has only served to expose the defects in our current partisan political system.  Democracy is on trial now and has been found guilty of failing when we really needed it.   At this point, survival is our only goal and that is so very sad for a country that was once great!